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"InnovoSCEPT™ biofilm susceptibility testing" ) This breakthrough test allows doctors and veterinarians to make better choices for antibiotics to treat serious chronic biofilm infections.

Chronic infections:

  • Affect 17 million people in the United States (U.S.)
  • Cost U.S. health care $94 billion
  • Result in 550,000 deaths annually in the U.S. (equal to cancer deaths)
Biofilms are implicated in virtually all hospital-acquired infections and in many cases of bacterial resistance.

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"InnovoSIL™ antimicrobial products" are a family of novel agents ideally suited for use with medical devices such as wound dressings, urinary and blood system catheters and in other situations where control of bacteria on a surface is required.

These unique antimicrobial agents minimize the chances of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) that are primarily caused by the procedures related to medical devices.  Examples are the insertion of urinary and blood system catheters. 

HAIs are responsible for 99,000 deaths annually at a health care cost of $33 billion.

InnovoSIL Microbe Kill Chart

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Newly Published Article:
Ag5IO6: novel antibiofilm activity of a silver compound with application to medical devices

Antimicrobial Validation Services

The US National Institute of Health estimates that greater than 80% of clinical infections are caused by biofilms. This includes heart and middle ear infections, wound infections, and illnesses associated with implanted medical devices as well as tooth decay and gum disease.

Innovotech's matrix driven experimental systems allow for rapid high throughput screening and antimicrobial R&D for a variety of systems and applications. The MBEC™ assay and the BEST™ system can be used for investigating disinfectants, antimicrobial coatings, and many other applications covering the full range from development through regulatory submission to post-market analysis.

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